Finding the Best Fabric for Blouses


People might wonder if there is a best fabric for blouses. There is little education by retail stores on good fabric versus poor quality material. This might be because they would rather consumers be in the dark regarding this. Some materials are cheaper to make clothes with than others.

For a person who is always cold, polyester might seem like a good choice. It traps in heat and makes one sweat. However, that sweat will cool the person down who is wearing the blouse, ultimately leading to a vicious cycle. Try to avoid polyester. Also, silk is better quality fabric, but the same problem with sweating will occur. It might make the person very uncomfortable.

Ultimately, cotton or rayon blends are the best for blouses. They are breathable materials. Cotton may be more of an effort to iron, but there are dry cleaners that do home service. If one works away a lot, then these pick up services might be a worthy investment.